Thursday, November 24, 2005

Snow, Music, & Memories...

Well, had the second snowfall of the winter season here, and this time I was working so I was out in it. Pretty cool - liking this a whole lot better than summer heat, but that’s just me. I really like it when the snow keeps falling and the wind isn’t howling – just kind of a snowy, still night. Driving home watching the big flakes fall was good too, plus I actually heard good songs all the way home on the radio too, which is hard to do with what radio plays these days. Got to hear Brad Paisley’s “We Danced”, Alabama’s “Born Country”, and Tim McGraw’s “My Old Friend.” Each song brings back memories…funny how songs and smells can always do that. My life has a soundtrack, and sometimes just a few notes of a favorite song can trigger old memories of another time…

My old friend, I recall
The times we had are hanging on my wall
I wouldn’t trade them for gold
‘Cause they laugh and they cry me and somehow sanctify me
And they’re woven in the stories I have told,
And tell again,

My old friend, I apologize
For the years that have passed since the last time you and I,
Dusted off those memories,
But the runnin’ and the races,
The people and the places,
There was always somewhere else I had to be,
And time gets thin, my old friend…

(My Old Friend, sung by Tim McGraw
Written by Craig Wiseman and Steve McEwan)

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