Friday, November 04, 2005

Marty Stuart does it again...

I'm listening to another listening party of the new CD by Marty Stuart - Badlands. It's another concept album, this time telling the story of American Indians. Sure, it'll never get played on the radio, but it's quite good music, and interesting theme. Here's a quote from review: "From Custer and Crazy Horse through Sitting Bull and Wounded Knee, Stuart offers a musical history lesson of tragedy than cannot be ignored or denied and hope that still glimmers. --Don McLeese"

I like these concept albums from Marty Stuart. I'd rate The Pilgrim as a bit better on the whole than Badlands, but both offer intriguing listens. I always prefer albums that flow together rather than a selection of songs put on the same disc. You can't get a better flow than on a concept album, and both The Pilgrim and Badlands have a story to tell and a message to deliver. I hope Marty Stuart has more concept albums like these in him.

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