Sunday, November 06, 2005

Same Ol' Tune...

I was flipping through the channels and stopped on CMT hearing a rockin’ tune with a pounding beat that sounded real familiar. Didn’t recognize the artist – Miranda Lambert – or the song “Kerosene.” The song was cool, even though as I was watching the video I was tempted to discard what I was viewing as just another studio manufactured country singing blonde trying to look and sound tough just to be different. Still, it was a good song and a solid effort for a newbie, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and watched and listened all the way through. She seemed to have a good voice and the song was country with an edge that I like.

However, the tune was just way too familiar to me. So I went to my collection and found what my brain had initially thought I was hearing when I first stopped on the CMT channel. Who else, but Steve Earle. The new tune “Kerosene” which was written by Lambert, seems to be an eerie amped-up clone of Earle’s self-penned tune “I Feel Alright.” Not the lyrics, mind you, but the music. Lambert’s is set a little faster, but the driving beat is remarkably close. The other thing that stuck out to me was the phrase “smokin’ gun” used in both songs! The songs are about two totally different subjects, but how weird is that?

I’ve heard bits of songs before that remind me of others, but this was a first of two songs sounding that close. I hope it’s just a coincidence of great minds thinking alike…

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