Friday, November 18, 2005

Sony BMG offers MP3 files and disks for unsafe CDs - Yahoo! News

Sony BMG offers MP3 files and disks for unsafe CDs - Yahoo! News

Well, doesn't that look good on them. Wonder how much it'll cost them when this is all said and done? What a debacle for Sony...
Here's some interesting quotes from the article:

"Sony BMG, after announcing a recall of some 4.7 million CDs with the software on Wednesday, said on Friday consumers could mail their CDs to the company, and they would receive a new unprotected CD in return.

Pending the processing of the exchange programme, consumers would also receive an email with details of a Website where they could download the music tracks as unprotected MP3 files.

In the latest twist to the story, software engineers found earlier on Friday that the music player which is part of the XCP software contains components from an open source project, an MP3 player called LAME, raising questions about copyright."

Absolutely beautiful. Congrats Sony - you went to all this hassle to make sure no one could copy (or enjoy) the music you were selling so there would be no "copyright" issues, then you go and install a virus on users computers and a MP3 player using someone else's software! What was that you were saying about copyright infringement?!

This should be a blow to the overly obsessed copy control companies are pushing. However, in the end, it'll probably just hurt the singers who are contracted with Sony BMG. Do you think people will be more likely to buy or download future recordings of artists from Sony? I know I would never want to buy a CD from Sony BMG again...

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Blogger The Original LRU said ... (November 19, 2005 4:15 PM) : 

That's great. Releasing songs in MP3 format to make up for their goof. Classic :-)


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