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Review 24-7 (Spoilers Ahead!)

So, where are we? Well, back at CTU, Jack wants to go to the Security company himself to get the tapes that may show the guy Audrey recognized at the compound. With the threat of nuclear power plants melting down within three hours, Audrey convinces Jack to take her with him to save time. Heller isn't happy, and tells Jack he'll be held responsible if anything goes wrong. (This is 24, and a line like that is pure telegraphing). So off they go, but not before an exchange with the 'husband'. (Hmmm, can you say Awkward?) Marianne finds out where the happy couple is off to, and of course reports it to the bad guys. (Man, CTU has more leaks than the Titanic.) The bad guys, as we find out, are headed by...the Mummy?!? (I guess getting your ass handed to you by Brendan Fraser, the Rock, and Agent Cody Banks isn't enough)

Elsewhere, Behrooz "Shovel Boy" Araz makes a tactical error and phones his Mommy. (Whoops). Mommy Dearest is freaked that the Father ordered the hit on their son, but seems to be going along with the 'master plan'. It is agreed the Mom will pick up Behrooz...while Navi (Father) follows and finishes the job. (Can you feel the love?)

Back at CTU, Edgar - the computer nerd with a lisp - thinks he has found a way to get around the whole "override will cause meltdown, yadda, yadda, yadda" thing with some piece of a program he has obtained. He's not exactly thrilled presenting this to Heller as a mistake could really blow things up (literally). As Heller says, "You're not exactly filling me with confidence, Edgar." (No kidding, Secretary. At this point, the nations survival rests on this guy.) However, Edgar finally shows some backbone and comes up with "If I say I can do it, I can do it." and so off he goes to try...

Back to Behrooz...Mom picks him up, then sees a train and tells him to get on it, effectively betraying Navi and the 'master plan'. Behrooz doesn't know what the hell is going on and gets out, standing there confused. Navi sees his plan going down the drain and decides to resolve the situation by shooting his wife. (Well, it is cheaper than a divorce) The windshield takes a hit, Mom takes a round, Behrooz "Think on my Feet" Araz jumps back into the car and guns it - driving from the passenger seat. He roars into traffic and gets lucky as the following Navi and company get blocked. Behrooz escapes from certain death again - Go Behrooz! (After the shovel incident, I'm rooting for this kid)

Back at CTU, Evil Marianne tells Jack to send the info he gets at the security place to her instead of Edgar cause he's too busy or something (yeah right). Jack is suspicious, but agrees with her to get off the phone. He and Audrey go check out the videos.

Edgar thinks he's got the code cracked, and Driscoll makes him run it even though he wants to at least check the headers one more time (Oh come on, check the headers man! Check the Headers!!!) But no - Driscoll says run it. (Nothing can go wrong with this plan) It looks good at first as one by one power plants are removed from the control of the override. Everyone starts cheering when - surprise! - six are left uncontrolled. (Oh no - who could have seen that coming?) Heller states the obvious that is up to Jack now to find the link to the bad guys or they are dead!

Back to Jack and Audrey...Audrey spots the guy on the video playback...Jack spots an empty guard station on the live feed (Uh-oh) Some dialogue and Jack gets nervous...time to leave. Then two bad guys come through the door, taking out the guard while Jack pushes Audrey down and hits the deck himself proceeding to take out the two bad guys. The guard is dying, but helpfully tells Jack where the Flash Memory sticks are and what to copy to them. Unfortunately the guard dies, so its just Jack and Audrey trying to get out of the building while its filling up with the other team. Jack correctly deduces that CTU must have a leak! They make it to another room, where Jack gives Audrey a gun and then pulls out his phone and calls "The only person I can trust." (Who could it be? Chase? Palmer?) Jack and Audrey make it to the garage, but are pinned down as they run out of ammo. Jack's about to make a last stand using his empty gun as a hammer when....wait for it...it's Tony Almeada to the rescue! Tony takes out the rest of the bad guys just in time. So, the rule breakin' bad boys of CTU are back together again. The hour ends with it basically being all up to Jack to save the USA from nuclear meltdown...(hmm, no pressure there Jack). till next week...

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This is better than watching it. Thanks for the summaries!

Check the headers!! :-)


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