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Recap 24-8 (Spoilers Ahead!)

So, where are we? Well, Driscall and company give the good news to the Pres - 6 nuclear plants are out of their control and they've got one lead. The pres states the obvious and tells them to go after the lead and to start evacuating those cities. (Run! Run!)

Jack calls Heller and fills him in that they're alright and that CTU has sprung a leak. Heller keeps it to himself and starts looking for the Mole. Jack and Tony exchange some words to the effect that Tony's not a big fan, and basically just wants Jack to finish what he needs to do and get going. They head for Tony's house after Jack tells him he needs a WiFi and a hardline. (A WiFi?!? No wonder CTU has leaks)

Back to the Araz family (who put the 'fun' back in dysfunctional) and Navi is on a mission to kill his wife and son. Flash to them and it doesn't look good. Bleeding Mommy and 'Shovel Boy' Behrooz decide to risk it and head for the hospital.

At CTU, Evil Marianne goes to the ladies room, checks all the stalls and phones the bad guy who is the only lead that everyone is looking for. She tells him Bauer hasn't checked in and that she is worried about herself and he tells her she'll be taken care of. She then gets interupted by Sara in a 'mood'. (Send those reports!)

Heller and company spin some false info about Jack and put a tap on all outgoing communications to find the mole. Whoever sends out his 'whereabouts' is the mole. (Nothing can go wrong with this plan)

Jack, Audrey, and Tony get to Tony's house. As Jack does a walkthrough, Tony's girlfriend unexpectedly comes out of one of the rooms. Jack draws down on her in a lightning quick display of reflexes in close quarters, but once introductions are made, he holsters his gun. This girl Jen is a piece of work. She's a little slow on the uptake and quite the [cough, cough, ryhmes with 'itch']. Considering someone just pointed a gun at her, she's not trying to help the situation. Tony says sorry to Jack, who comes back with a great line "No, she seems's real sweet." Audrey manages to smoothes things over and they go to work on the vid files looking to make an ID. We also learn that Tony's life has gone into the crapper since we've last seen him.

Evil Marianne gets the false info at CTU, records it to a voice file, and sends it out. Little while later, Heller and company track it and Heller goes to Driscoll to inform her she's got a mole and they know who it is. Oh, she's not happy about being out of the loop. (Oh well, get over it.) Cue the tense music and the four guys walking towards Marianne. Of course, they walk right by her and arrest Sara. Oops. (How's that running total going of 24's telegraphed 'plot devices'? On the tense walkup, only the DoD guy was looking at Marianne, the 3 'extra' security guys were looking past.) Edgar the computer geek doesn't believe for a second that Sara is the mole, and starts looking at the communication left on the server, supposedly from Sara's computer. Evil Marianne points out "but it was encrypted". Edgar fires back that its an old algorithim and says in a great line "I mean, its so old school it's like saying 'Please decode me.'" Evil Marianne says Sara wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer (Pot. Kettle. Black.) and walks off. Edgar isn't buying it, and he starts his hunt for the truth.

Sara can't convince Driscoll that she's innocent, and Driscoll brings in the torture-to-truth guy and gives him the go ahead. Out comes the tazer and drugs, and Sara is about to have a bad day. (Reminds me of Riggs line in the first Lethal Weapon during the water torture scene - "Well, I guess we're in for a long night, cause I don't know shit!") Driscoll meanwhile is batting 0 for 2 on the whole "Torture-to-truth" thing today. Whoops.

So Jack is told the mole has been found, and he starts sending the ID'd vid data to CTU and the Secret Service to pick up Audrey. Jack and Tony have a little heart to heart that doesn't seem to go anywhere. Oh well, enough touchy feely. They get a name and location of the bad guy Audrey ID'd (Dude named Powell). SS picks up Audrey and Jack's about to head after the bad guy alone because Powell's about to take off in a chopper and backup will take too long. Tony offers to help (he says "Jack, it'd be pretty stupid of me to let you die right after I risked my neck to save you.") So the rule breakin' bad boys of CTU ride off in hot pursuit again.

Meanwhile, Behrooz and Mommy Dearest are at the hospital where the good Doc doesn't buy their story and reports a gunshot wound. Quick thinking Behrooz keeps his eys open and sees the cops coming. He grabs some medical supplies and hauls Mommy out of there, taking off in the car just as the police come back out. However, it looks like the police have seen the car. That won't be good for anybody...

Back to Edgar, his pursuit of the comm file continues as he tricks Evil Marianne (who I don't think he's liked from the get-go) into inputing her password which he captures. He then hacks in further and finds the real comm file she sent. (Alright! Edgar finds the mole!) Evil Marianne sees him looking over at her and calls him on it. She threatens to spill the dirt she has on him (he helped Chloe earlier help Jack against orders) and in a brilliant move he walks over to the comms cheif guy Curtis and asks him to walk with him to Driscolls office (while Marianne watches and feels the screws starting to tighten) Edgar explains to Driscoll they've got the wrong person and how Evil Marianne setup Sara. Curtis immediately heads to find Marianne and sees her running from the building. He orders lockdown and foot chase is on. She doesn't stand a chance of outrunning him, especially when she does the worst getaway move I've ever seen and tries to get her car keys out of her purse and into the lock while running up to the car. Oops. Busted! (Shoulda had the keys in her hand before starting to run. Ever try to find anything in a woman's purse?) Curis makes the bust, hands her keys to a guard, and starts to haul her off. Expendable extra #23 puts the keys in the car door and the car explodes. (I guess the bad buy Powell wasn't kidding when he said she'd be 'looked after') In a patented 24 'Aw crap' plot twist, Marianne bangs her head into another car and is out like a light. No info coming from her at the moment. Curtis just looks around in disgust.

We're almost at the end, so Powell makes it onto the chopper as Jack and Tony come driving up behind. Tony goes wide drawing their attention as Jack goes up to Powells door while the pilot is starting the engine. Jack makes the arrest of Powell and takes him back to their SUV.
We then see flashes of all the important players and where they're at including a very groggy Sara being released. Then back to Jack and Tony. In another good line, Powell offers to pay them off and asks who Tony's working for (Powell - "FBI, CIA?" Tony - "Actually, I'm currently unemployed") Tony starts to put him in the truck when Powell is shot through the chest from an unseen sniper. He goes down like a sack of potatoes and Jack yells "Damn It!" as we end the hour.

Don't know what they're going to do next time as they're only lead has just been killed and Evil Marianne is in LA-LA land. Powell was carring a bag, so that may be the only lead unless Behrooz is brought in...till next week...later

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Blogger The Original LRU said ... (February 10, 2005 6:50 PM) : 

"Expendable extra #23" ... that's classic.

With all the plot twists and roadblocks, somebody should hire these guys to write a computer game. It would bring back the good old days of Police Quest 1, 2, 3... Sonny Bonds, where are you?


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