Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday wrapup...

So, what's new? The Pats win the Super Bowl...pretty good game I suppose...seen worse...but then, I'm not much of a football fan. Plus, the fact that Global blocks all the good US commercials, so what's the point of watching? Especially this year, with the whole "Sanitized -viewing-for-your-protection" thing going on. The FCC sure has the networks scared out of their minds...(it's a slippery slope, people - goodbye freedom, hello censorship)

At least the Simpsons cut loose on everything under the sun. Everybody was a target - a classic ep. Loved the "Mario Brothers" nintendo game rip at the beginning...

Not much else to juice is making kids fat, a fireman in Sydney Australia went to get a pizza with the stations only truck and missed a call, and Miami Vice is coming to DVD tomorrow. Yep, its a wacky world...

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