Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Maintain Radio Silence...

Well, I'm still around, but still kinda feeling under it instead of on top of it (that's a Daylight movie reference, just FYI). Busy month, and the weekend was pretty busy too, but I got some stuff done. Hate doing taxes, but got that done and should even get a decent refund. Ok, government, Show Me the Money! (eww, a Jerry Maguire reference). Bit by bit I'll get my stuff together here and hope May is a better month so that I'll Be Back. (Terminator reference!)

Got my Amazon order in - Uh-huh, Package Delivered. (Mad TV Sketch reference!). Something always cool about getting a box in the mail, even when you know what's inside. Got season 5 of The Rockford Files, Season 1 of The Equalizer, the early Michael Mann movie Thief, and the 1961 crime/noir movie Blast of Silence that has fantastic cover art and a four page comic by Sean Phillips. He does the awesome art for the comic Criminal, which I also picked up the second volume of. Also got volume 4 of the hardcover Punisher Max by Garth Ennis.

And because country radio makes me feel like "snapping and throwing country A through K out on the street" (High Fidelity movie reference!), I also picked up the CD's for Allison Moorer's Mockingbird album and Tift Merritt's Another Country. There aren't a lot of female country singers that catch my attention these days, but these two seldom heard on radio voices usually knock it out of the park. They were remarkably close in price to buying it on iTunes, but I wanted the liner notes / lyrics booklet with these, so I bought the CD's as they were close in price and DRM free. I'm glad I did, as Tift wrote up a great little story of rejuvenating her creativity and how the album came about via a solo getaway trip to Paris. I've always been one to pour over the liner notes when listening to a new album, and I miss that about buying stuff on iTunes. Luckily they're getting more albums with a PDF of the liner notes included, but they still got a ways to go. I look forward to listening / viewing this stuff soon (hopefully) and maybe reviewing some of it too.

Anyway, off to bed again after a long day and somewhat convoluted shift. "Bon Voyage - ! I'm going to take a shower. I'm going to sleep...for a month." (the movie Heat reference!)

Comments on "Maintain Radio Silence..."


Blogger The Texican said ... (April 22, 2008 10:20 AM) : 

"Play it again Sam." Glad you are back on the cyber waves again.


Blogger KEANAN BRAND said ... (April 22, 2008 12:17 PM) : 

Dig the movie references! One I actually used at work yesterday while attempting to speak sense in a nonsensical conversation with an obstinate and immature employee: "When did this become a negotiation?" (Max quoting Vincent in "Collateral").

Don't think I got through that dense and demanding fog normally known as the teenage brain, but I did almost make myself laugh out loud when those words flew out of my mouth.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (April 22, 2008 1:51 PM) : 

I thought the first movie reference was just a coincidence, but they kept coming, and it brought a smile to my face. :-)

Usually when you watch a good new movie, there are mini movie reviews, so I'm looking forward to seeing what might appear. The movie "Thief" looks interesting... looks like an older one.



Blogger Eaglewing said ... (April 23, 2008 4:04 AM) : 

@Texican: thanks. And I should have worked that classic quote in too!

@Keanan: That's a great quote to use, especially in that situation. Now I want to watch Collateral again too.

@Original LRU: glad you enjoyed the references. Yes, Thief is an older one. One of Michael Mann's first directorial endeavors.


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