Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back Again...

Back again. Busy few days, but did my quarterly kidney checkup and all seems to be well. Even had the blood pressure in check. So I just keep doing what I'm doing I guess.

In Toronto Maple Leaf land, they fired their GM and brought Cliff Fletcher back in to run the sinking ship. Of course it's all over Leaf Nation, but I don't think the rest of the hockey world cares too much except for the apparent availability of star Mats Sundin. Everybody line up and put your offers in, cause the Leafs are having a fire sale. Everything must go. Well, Leafs fans can only hope.

Finally got my Amazon box I ordered before Christmas. I think it was in before this, but I hadn't been over to my Mailbox place to pick it up till the weekend. Can't wait to get into the the Fall Guy DVD's. Anybody remember that show? I had the ERTL dinky car toy truck when I was a kid too. Also completed my collection of Miami Vice with season 5. Good show which I enjoy even with the dated 80's prevelance, but that's what helped make the show. I liked the Michael Mann modern movie update in 2006 more, as it was darker and grittier, but the show is a good watch too. Plus, at least they did the DVD's right and didn't replace any music or drop scenes (can you say Alf or WKRP in Cincinnati? Stay away from those DVDs). They might cost a little more, but at least they're intact. And if you watch for sales like I did, you can complete the collection at a pretty reasonable price. Bring on the Vice, I say.

And speaking of Miami Vice, I've been having fun with GTA Vice City on my PS2. Got some unlock codes off the web, and it sure makes it more fun. Nothing like tons of ammo and flame throwers and air rockets to add some fun to the mix. Wonder what GTA4 is going to look like on the PS3 - not that I can afford one yet. What's the point of a PS3 if I still have a Tube TV? Saving pennies, saving pennies...

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