Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh Yeah...The Track Pad

One thing that skipped my mind as I was focused on all the things the MacBook Air lacked, was the inclusion of one really cool thing. Not enough to make me forget the limitations and high price point, but cool nonetheless.

The multi touch trackpad is the kind of thing Apple does well. Doesn't seem big on the surface, but is a cool time saving feature. Watching the demo video on Apple's website, this is something that is one step closer to doing away with the mouse. Want to go back or forward in a web browser? Drag 3 fingers across the touch pad either way. Want to zoom in or out? Do a pinch move on the pad with your thumb and forefinger. Want to rotate a picture? Use your thumb and finger and rotate it on the trackpad. No more having to slide the cursor around to a corner or a browser button.

It's cool, and something I hope they quickly bring to the MacBook and MacBook Pro line. Probably won't be right away though as they push the MacBook Air. And apparently the battery in the MBA can be replaced for $129 and Apple won't charge extra to do the work. Still, if it dies on the road, there's not much you can do about it. Same for RAM and Hard drive.

The MacBook Air is cool tech, but only appeals to a select few (early adopters and corporate travelers). I'm kinda disappointed that I was waiting for MacWorld for a MacBook update and the new product isn't even affordable or practical for me. Now I have to wonder how long before a MacBook Pro update - with Penryn chips in Februrary and the MBA look, you'd think they could give the ugly overdue heavy weight an update.

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