Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MacBook Air? Um, No Thanks.

The more I read around the web and think about the new Macbook Air, I have to wonder "What the?"

Sure, it looks very cool, and the light weight aspect makes it appealing, but there are two very big reasons I would not consider buying one:

1. The $1899 price tag (plus $99 for the external USB DVD Writer). What are you thinking Apple? You priced it out of the ballpark. At that price, you're within spitting distance of the MacBook Pro, which might weigh twice as much, but has a 2 inch bigger screen and WAY more power inside. Not to mention the lowest end MacBook has more power inside, the same screen size, more ports, and is only moderately thicker and only weighs 2 pounds more. Even if you spent the money on upgrading the low end MacBook RAM to 2 GB, you'd still save about $600 from the MacBook Air - and you'd have a DVD player built in and longer battery life. Which brings us to point 2.

2. No User Replaceable Battery. (!) You gotta be kidding. So if I spent $1900 on a laptop and the battery dies or does a slow fading death, I have to send my whole expensive laptop away to get it fixed? And probably pay extra Apple fees for it too? No Way. I can see it on an iPod, but not a laptop, no matter how thin it is.

So, on a comparable low end MacBook, you get better processing speed, a built in DVD player CDWriter, and even factoring in the cost of upgrading the RAM you come out way ahead. Plus, on a MacBook you can replace your own RAM, Hard Drive, and Battery. That's a worthwhile investment that will last you years.

With the new one, your money will be gone into ultra thin Air.

Comments on "MacBook Air? Um, No Thanks."


Anonymous Marina said ... (January 16, 2008 1:12 PM) : 

Wow. Amazing how something can look so good on the surface yet be so poorly thought out when you do a little more research.


Blogger Eaglewing said ... (January 16, 2008 7:07 PM) : 

yeah, no kidding. I'll admit it is a technological achievement, and price comparable in its subcompact class, but I can't afford it, and wouldn't want one because it's non upgradeable.

It's strictly for early adopters and corporate travelers right now. They can afford it and won't mind the limitations.


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