Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox Win! Now Back To Regular Fox Programming...

So the Boston Red Sox win the World Series - kudos to them. Tough break for the rookie Rockies, but they might be back next year (yeah, right). However, it was another boring World Series. Last year was a sweep by the Cards, this year a sweep by the Red Sox. Where's the drama in the big finish? The ALCS was better. The last Series that really sticks in my mind was the 2001 between Arizona and New York. I remember watching every game of that series and the dramatics of the back and forth. This year, the closest it came to drama was the Rockies home run tonight to make it 4-3. But that was as close as it got. Oh well, back to hockey now and to watch baseball's offseason madness.

Speaking of which, Alex Rodriguez opted out of the world's richest contract - that 10 year 250 million monstrosity he had. He did so with 72 million guaranteed left on the contract. How stinking rich do you have to be to think to yourself "Hmmm, who needs a locked in 72 mil? I'll make myself a free agent for the fun of it." Could be he didn't like playing in New York and knew nobody would take him in a trade with that contract. Now he gets to go to the highest bidder - hello Cubs?

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