Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Shop iTunes (aka - Go Buy Gary Allan's Album Living Hard!)

Did some iTunes shopping...scored the new Springsteen album, the new Gary Allan album, the new Prairie Oyster album, the latest Allison Moorer album, and a bunch of various single songs without leaving my chair.

Gotta say there is something really gratifying about getting Gary Allan's latest album - Living Hard - at midnight before the day of release without having to do the trips through Future Shop, Best Buy, Walmart, Zellers, HMV, and more to try to find a great album nobody has in stock yet because they have to make room for the latest teenie bopper pop act. And the great thing was that it (and Springsteen's album too) came with a nice PDF file of the cover art and liner notes with the lyrics. Very nice, wish all the albums had that.

Then I ran them through the Hymn Project DRM cleaner and I'm good to go - saved money, got the albums I wanted, and didn't have to leave the house.

But the other thing was that I perused and bought some of the DRM free songs available in the iTunes Plus section. Can only hope more recording labels get on board with that, cause that's the way it should be. Was surprised to see Keith Urban's latest and Dierks Bentley's albums in the DRM free zone. Especially Bentleys, as his CD's usually come wrapped in cellophane and DRM. Good move to go the other way with it. Managed to pick up his second album without DRM, some old Billy Dean tracks, a couple Trace Adkins tracks, and John Landry's My Heart Says Yes song (haven't heard that one in a while) all DRM free and 99 cents each.

So now I gotta go charge up the blue Shuffle and load it up with new music for my work week ahead.

By the way - halfway through the Gary Allan album and haven't heard a track I don't like yet. Whether its iTunes or somewhere else, go get this album! Great music, and curiously iTunes has the genre listed as Rock. Guess it's not pop enough to be classed as today's country, but it's more country than most of what I hear on the radio, so, works for me.

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