Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Wish This Was On The Radio...

Just some quick thoughts on all the music I bought from iTunes the other week...

Gary Allan - Living Hard. 'Nuff said. seriously though, great album - country/rock with an edge, how I like it. I've been listening to the whole thing on repeat too, so that says something. Top songs include Watching Airplanes, We Touched The Sun, Learning How To Bend, Like It's A Bad Thing, and the great track Half of My Mistakes - written by Radney Foster. If there was any justice (or good taste) on country radio, that'd be a number one hit.

Bruce Springsteen - Magic. More great stuff. Not an album I play whole on repeat (very few are), but some of the tracks are just dynamite. Top songs include Radio Nowhere, You'll Be Comin' Down, Last To Die, Long Walk Home, Devil's Arcade, and the best track on the album, Gypsy Biker. Those last three are instant Springsteen classics the moment you hear them, and Gypsy Biker is one of those songs that you want to hear again as soon as it's done, not to mention it's beautifully crafted and starkly painted lyrics as well.

Allison Moorer - Getting Somewhere. Get the title track for sure. Just about worth the price of the album for it. The rest aren't as great, but some good stuff here (Hallelujah and New Years Day) if a little on the pop side.

Prairie Oyster - One Kiss. Some great stuff here from the veteran Canadian Band. Standouts include the title track, I Threw It All Away, Long and Lonesome Old Freight Train, and the track that got my attention on one of the few times I heard it on the radio, Too Bad For Me.

So there you go. What are you waiting for? Turn off that mind numbing and empty radio dial and go get some good tunes!

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