Thursday, August 02, 2007

Marvel Minutes...

X-Men 204Reading through highlights of the SDCC Marvel X-men panel via Newsarama, hear are some of the things that caught my eye:

Mike Carey talked about X-Men, with the cover of #204 (with Rogue and Gambit) shown. Carey said, as the cover hints, it'd be the first time Rogue and Gambit met "face to face" in a long time.

I haven't been a fan of the art on the X-Men title so far between Bachalo and Ramos, but maybe Choi will be better. Still, I have been following the storyline via the web and I’m glad that Mike Carey has finally brought Rogue back to respectability.

Guggenheim talked about his upcoming Wolverine run with Howard Chaykin, saying it'll follow-up on his Wolverine run during Civil War.
"Wolverine's rogue's gallery has been reduced to at least one recently," said Guggenheim, alluding to the events of this week's issue of the comic. Guggenheim said there's going to be a new villain named "Shogun" introduced that will "kill" Wolverine, leading to a fight for his soul.
"How are you going to do a comic where you kill the main character?" joked Captain America-killer Brubaker.

wolvorig18Good one, Brubaker. Not a fan of Guggenheim on Wolverine, nor his whole “Logan Dies” approach to the character. I’ll follow it online.

Way gave a sneak of things to come with Wolverine: Origins, saying that he's "tired of seeing Wolverine getting his ass handed to him."
Way continued that there will be more about Weapon X revealed, and that you'll also see a character that Way personally has a great affinity for - Deadpool.

Right on Daniel Way! I’m tired of Wolverine getting his ass handed to him too. Let’s see some old school Wolverine and some butt kicking SNIKT! Action. I’m a bit worried about Way bringing Deadpool in though. I’m used to Nicieza’s version of him.

CRIMINAL10McCann paused to congratulate Brubaker on the two Eisner Awards he won Friday night, with Brubaker saying in a joking tone, "You all should read Criminal [Brubaker’s ICON series], it's the best new book, officially."

Right on. Everyone should be reading Criminal. Excellent writing, art, and story. This should be a movie or HBO TV series someday.

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