Sunday, June 24, 2007

Show Me The Movie!

Ok, this is getting ridiculous.

For the third time this year, I had a spur of the moment interest in seeing a movie on opening weekend, but couldn't because even though the movie was supposedly released wide, it wasn't being shown around here. What the?

Earlier this year, it happened with The Lookout. Then it was Black Snake Moan that wasn't playing for another month. This weekend it was You Kill Me. It's a dark comedy starring Ben Kingsley and Tea Leoni. Kingsley plays an alcoholic hitman who has to go to AA meetings and winds up working temporarily in a funeral parlor while he tries to get his life back together because his drinking is affecting his 'work', which is killing people. The trailer looked good, Kingsley is always interesting to watch, and I thought it looked like my kind of movie. So I looked at the listings and guess what - it's not playing! Argh!!

You know, just maybe I don't want to watch what the rest of the masses are watching - Pirates, Shrek, Evan Almighty, etc. Could the megaplex not spare one theatre for a smaller movie? And they wonder why I don't go to the movies anymore...

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