Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's A Mission...

And that's how you do your Christmas shopping.

I'd been putting it off (hey, I'm a guy), but tonight being the last night I could do it, I braved the maniacs out there and hit the stores. Remarkably, it wasn't as bad out there as I was expecting. The mall was nuts, but others stores weren't too bad at all.

I planned the mission, figured in Plan B's, then executed it perfectly. Where necessary, I had to "improvise, adapt, overcome" [bonus points if you know what movie that's from], but 4 hours later I was all done, everything good to go for Christmas.

Ahhh...bring on the eggnog, crank up the Elvis Christmas tunes, and to all a good night! I won't be in the stores this weekend - bwhahahaha!!! ;-)

(yes, I know, I got lucky :)

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