Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In The House

Caught the rerun of the first season episode of House, "Three Stories". Dr. House's backstory is revealed in this ep, and it's pure storytelling at its finest.

This is a fantastic show. I came to it late, but I try to catch the episodes whenever I can. Great acting, sharp writing, humor and drama all in one show.

Then after House, the network here airs the next episode of GG. With the current state of drek that show is, talk about a culture shock and a two hour lesson in good writing versus really bad writing.

This brings up a point I read on a forum - wouldn't it be great if TV shows could be run like movies where you have a beginning, middle, and end? Figure out what the show will do in a certain amount of seasons, and then end it on purpose with a planned story. Instead we have the current design of padding out storylines as long as the network picks up the show and the money is there until people get sick of it and stop watching. Then it's cancelled at a low end of creativity. A lot of shows stretch it out too far instead of wrapping it up when the story still makes sense. Or worse, they get cancelled without wrapping things up at all. I think its time for a TV redesign...

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Anonymous Marina said ... (December 06, 2006 5:34 PM) : 

I saw a few episodes near the beginning of the show and it was quite good but I've lost track of it over time.


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