Monday, December 18, 2006

Hit or Miss...

In the four major sports, football would take number 1, and basketball number 2 as the players looking the dumbest when a fight breaks out. In football, it's dumb because they're all wearing full protective gear, including helmets. In basketball, however, it just looks stupid. They kinda look they're flailing away with their arms in a windmill fashion. Then somebody lands a shot and the guy goes down like a sack of potatoes. I'm no basketball fan at all, even with fights. Hockey's the only sport that matters anyway :)

Finally got my boxes from Amazon. Yay, Christmas a week early. Got lots to absorb here now - The Superman Ultimate Collectors Edition (pretty cool case too) with 14 DVD's (will finally see Superman Returns now)...Clerks 2 (been waiting to see this one)...Kevin Smith Evening Harder (the first one was some of the funniest stuff ever, looking forward to this one)...Bones Season 1 (a rare FOX series that wasn't cancelled in its 1st season)...The Punisher Extended Cut (looking forward to the 17 extra minutes, but that's some odd packaging)...the first 2 hardcover Punisher Max trades (issues 1-24 of Garth Ennis's run - read the first arc "In The Beginning", and it was excellent)...the Brisco County Jr Complete Series (had to wait for the price to come way down on this one, and Amazon eventually did - less than half price to what it's being sold for around here)...and last but not least, the Firefly Official Companion Volume 1 (cool book - complete scripts for the shows with lots of background info on the making of it and comments from cast and crew. Volume 2 with the other half of the shows/scripts should be out in the spring).

I've said it before - as much as I'd like to support Canadian companies with my spending dollars, you can't beat Amazon's prices. The Superman collection and the Brisco set were more than half off compared to what stores were selling them for around here. Same goes for the Punisher hardcovers - and that's assuming I could even track them down in a store around here. It's a shame to have the money go stateside, but I'm not going to get hosed double the price just to shop on the home side of the border...

Out and about in the stores, the Christmas music selection leaves a lot to be desired as a lot of the classic songs sung by new singers are getting massacred. Sure, they want to put their own new 'creative' spin on things, but just sing Jingle Bells without all the extra foofaraw. Having said that, if you want something new, try Sarah McLachlan's 'River' from her Christmas album. (You can watch it here) Wouldn't think of it as a Christmas song necessarily, but it works. You could also see it as a tune used in an episode of Due South...

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Anonymous Marina said ... (December 19, 2006 6:28 PM) : 

I've seen the companion book for "Serenity" but not for the show. Perfect gift for a couple of browncoat friends. Thanks for that.


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