Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Batman Movie News...

It’s been reported that the next Batman movie will be simply called “The Dark Knight.” The villain will be the famous Joker, and he will be played by Heath Ledger. There are also rumors that casting is still being done for characters Harvey Dent and The Penguin (who would be a British arms dealer – not the Danny Devito version).

I love the title. Simple, to the point, and implies a dark edge to the film, as it should be. Having Heath Ledger play the Joker is an odd casting choice, but I’m willing to give director Nolan the benefit of the doubt. He nailed every aspect of Batman Begins, so if he thinks Ledger is the man for the job, then so be it. Batman and the Joker have always kind of been two sides to the same coin – both rather crazy, but taken to different extremes. The Joker is insanely evil, while Batman is insanely committed to his cause of stamping out that evil. Can’t wait to see Nolan’s version of this on the big screen.

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