Thursday, January 19, 2006

Good News or Bad News?

John Singleton Helming Without Remorse -

Well, this was a surprise to find out. Can't believe it's taken this long, but the good news is that they are making a movie of Without Remorse, my favorite Tom Clancy novel. Some of his books can get a little on the technical side, and while this still had some of that, it was far more about the characters, specifically John Kelly - aka John Clark. Here is a lean, mean anti-hero just ready for the big screen, and Without Remorse is an excellent story.

The bad news is that John Singleton is helming it. Who knows, it may turn out great. However, his track record of past movies includes 2 Fast 2 Furious and Four Brothers. I saw 2 Fast, and while entertaining, it was nothing special. I have yet to see Four Brothers, but its on my 'to rent' list. The trailer looked a bit ridiculous, though. Still, his other movie Boyz in the Hood was an award winner, and while I haven't seen it, it has received excellent reviews.

So maybe there's hope for this project. I hope they don't blow it, because its a great story...

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