Sunday, January 15, 2006

Think Fast

Saw this on the local news the other night, and it made News too:

Toronto woman crashes car to halt runaway vehicle - Yahoo! News

TORONTO (Reuters) - A woman crashed her own car to prevent a bigger accident on Canada's busiest freeway, using her car to cut off a runaway vehicle after the driver apparently passed out at the wheel. Schoolteacher Cherilyn Gill, 42, said she watched in her rear-view mirror as the driver in the car behind her slumped over and disappeared from sight. The vehicle swerved to the left, accelerated and then bounced off a concrete barrier on Highway 401 near Toronto.
Gill stopped the other vehicle by letting it crash into the rear of her own minivan and then grind to a halt against the concrete central guard rail. "I didn't have time to panic," she told Reuters on Friday. "I knew there was nobody driving the car... I decided I had to stop it."
Police have recommended Gill for an award for her quick thinking, and she said she had received a phone call of congratulations from Ontario's education minister. No one was hurt in the accident.

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