Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Game On

Nothin' much new today. Watching the hockey game - and a pretty good one at that. Montreal vs Chicago, and its tied at 3 in the second period. Who cares who winds, it's better than watching the Leafs.

Read on Google news via the UK Guardian site that there's rumors of Paramount maybe opting out of their HD-DVD deal and going BluRay. If that happens, the war is truly over with Universal left holding the bag. All I'm hoping for on this is that HDTV's drop in price. I believe the cable networks have until early next year before they have to go HiDef, so between that and a winner in hidef DVD, they're going to want to push the big screen TV's. If only a 52" LCD 1080P TV would come down below a $1000. Then I'd buy one for sure :)

Anyway, back to the hockey game. Then maybe watch a movie...

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