Monday, December 17, 2007

The Dark Knight Trailer


The Dark Knight trailer has finally hit the web, and it's fantastic. This should be the hit of the summer, and it certainly looks like Nolan/Bale and company have done another Batman movie right. I was really kinda worried when they announced Heath Ledger as the Joker, but seeing him in the trailer puts those worries to rest. Looks like he got what the Joker's about - the other side of the coin to Batman, dark and insane with his lunacy. We also see a bit of Maggie Gyllenhal as Katie Holmes replacement for the same character. I didn't have the same problems a lot of people had with Holmes in the first movie, though I thought she didn't add a whole lot and seemed too young for the role. I think Maggie will fill the role better though.

So, lots of explosions, Joker mayhem, and a Dark Knight. Can't wait to see this.

Head on over to CinemaBlend to download the trailer in the size of your choice.

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