Thursday, May 10, 2007

Terminator Franchise Rights Bought Up...

Halcyon Company Acquires Terminator Franchise -

Well, this is interesting. Halcyon has acquired all rights to the Terminator franchise. The article is mostly a lot of BS about how great their marketing will be for movies not made yet, but there was a couple notes of interest. They are going full steam ahead for a Terminator 4 movie, which will be the start of a new trilogy of Terminator movies. Is this a good thing?

I've written before of how much I like the first 2 Terminator flicks - some of the most enjoyable storytelling and movie making moments. Plus, besides all the action and ahead of its time special effects, the storyline was solid. It was about how the future wasn't set in stone, that you could change things. It was about fighting for hope.

Then came Terminator 3 - different director and writers. And what did they do? They basically just ditched that for a movie of costly set pieces and a storyline of no hope, saying that no matter what they did, the future couldn't be changed. Nice twist.

Now the big wigs of Halcyon are saying that's the jumping off point for their new movies. And since I'm pretty sure Arnie and Linda Hamilton won't be back, I'm only mildly interested in T4. I wonder what the casting is going to be this time? Let me guess - The Rock as a charismatic Terminator sent back in time to protect John Connor (played by Shia Labouf) and his fiancee (played by a returning Claire Daines, who needs a paycheck) from an army of diabolic machines from the future led by a handgun turned robot called Megatron and nefarious Agent Smith, only to be saved at the last minute, in an surprising twist, by a dying female boxing Terminator from the PAST! (played by Hilary Swank). It will be the biggest cross marketing promotional event ever. And the trailer will end with these words: "Directed by Brett Ratner." They won't even need a script writer - this stuff will write itself.

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