Sunday, May 06, 2007

Paris Fought The Law, & The Law Won...

Sky Showbiz - Paris Sent To Jail

Well, it's about time. The infamous, and relatively useless, heir to the Hilton money was sentenced to 45 days in jail for breaking probation and driving with a suspended license.

She had previously been banned from driving in September 2006, when she received 36 months of probation for alcohol-related reckless driving. She was then caught driving on her suspended licence in January 2007, but was let off with a warning. But she was caught again in February 2007.

Now, I have no sympathy for those who drive under the influence, and I have even less for Paris Hilton. How stupid can you be? Nice to see the judge didn't cave to celebrity for a change and actually handed down a jail sentence.

The thing is, this girl has every privilege in the world. Money to burn, will never have to work, and yet she does absolutely nothing with her life. Her only claim to 'celebrity' is her drunk partying, a 'leaked' sex tape that nobody wants to see, and music album that nobody wants to hear. Maybe getting slapped upside the head with some harsh reality will make her want to do something with her wealth and privilege. But somehow I doubt it...

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Anonymous Marina said ... (May 07, 2007 12:16 PM) : 

Oh man. I wish they'd just lock her up and throw away the key. She's a retard (and those are friendly words). I wish this jail sentence would actually make an impact on her but I agree with you, I don't think anything can help the train wreck that is her life.


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