Friday, February 23, 2007

Trailer for Next

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New trailer out for the next Nic Cage movie called Next, coming to theatres April 27. Looks pretty interesting - a man can see into the near future, and can therefore affect the present. The FBI wants him (led by Julianna Moore), conceivably to use to their own gains, and he's not really into that. But then there's some kind of bad event coming that they want to use him to stop, and he has to make a choice between saving the world or the woman he loves.

Hmmm, sounds kinda like the problem Neo had in Matrix Reloaded near the end when he's talking to the complicated white beard in the TV room. I liked how Neo solved his problem, let's see how Cage does.

The one thing that might be tough to swallow is Jessica Biel playing Nic Cage's love interest in the movie. I think it's venturing into Entrapment territory (the famous Sean Connery / Catherine Zeta-Jones team up).

Either way, Biel will be easy on the eyes, and it should be fun to see Cage take his Travolta Punisher haircut back to the future.

You can download the Large trailer here.
You can download the 480P HD trailer here.

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Anonymous Marina said ... (February 23, 2007 1:43 PM) : 

I'm interested because of Phillip K. Dick but I can't see the trailer (something not working right...) so I can't comment on how it looks... Still interested.


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