Monday, February 19, 2007

Here and There…

The Bourne Supremacy was on CityTV tonight, so I tried watching it again. And yes, it’s as bad as I remember. That amateur camerawork / editing is really hard on the eyes. I hope the director takes a movie making course or something before he releases the 3rd movie this summer – maybe a course called “How Not To Induce Nausea In Your Movie Audience.” Beyond that though, it’s an alright movie – from what you can actually make out anyway. They do rip the heart out of the Bourne stories right at the beginning, but the rest of it plays as a pretty good spy story. When Bourne catches up to Abbot in the hotel though, it’s one of the few really good scenes in the movie. Then that car chase at the end is a pretty good heart pounding finish. Not as good as anything done in the Bourne Identity, but decent. However, the way Bourne drives that cab reminds me of me playing Grand Theft Auto 3. I always grab one of the taxi cabs in the game to drive whenever possible – they’re fantastically maneuverable, and can take a lot of punishment and keep on going. By the time Bourne finishes that chase, his taxi looks almost as bad as mine do in the game :)

After a month and a half of box office dreck at the movie theatres, Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider movie comes out and takes 44.5 million on opening weekend. Guess people were waiting for another comic book movie. Haven’t seen it, but looks like fun, Cage style. Some of those special effects look kind of hokey in the trailers though. There was even talk of a sequel before the movie opened, and with a money making opening like that, I guess there’ll probably be one. It’s too bad though, that they don’t make a movie from the Johnny Cash song Ghost Riders In The Sky. Now that would be a good movie…

And finally, wow, I’m surprised. That short clip I put up at YouTube of the Dube figure skating accident has received over 12,000 views and made it as one of the most watched of the week. I just put it up as a video host for my blog post – didn’t think that many YouTube users would watch it. Who knew?

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