Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend Box Office

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Didn't see this coming. Bruce Willis' new movie 16 Blocks didn't even make the #1 spot. A holdover from the previous weekend - Madea's Family Reunion - had a 57% drop from its opening weekend and still stayed at #1 with $13 Million. 16 Blocks came in second with $11.6 Million. The flick I want to see (if I make it out to the cheapie theatre), Ultraviolet, came in at fourth with just $9 Million. Hmm, I wonder if the studio execs are second guessing their genius move of bumping this one around the calendar?

Overall, it would see a rather dismal weekend for the Box Office. The article said it's down 23% from last year, but I would have thought a new Willis movie would open better than that. Maybe this is the year the theatre dies. Of course, their lame attempts at bashing DVD and telling people to go to the movies on the Oscars last night probably didn't help...

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