Sunday, March 05, 2006

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Ontario college teachers are preparing to strike. Their reported demands would cost over 100 million dollars. The students, of course, are caught in the middle. I feel for them, especially considering the horrible timing of this possible work stoppage. I heard on the news that there have been strikes like this before, but they happened in the fall and students could catch up. This time, students are in limbo as to being able to finish their courses and being able to find employment. One student had been offered a full time job, but now doesn’t know what she’ll do if the strike happens. Normally, I’d side with a union in a stand for better working conditions, but this time it’s a hard sell. The reason is that these students have already paid for their courses and as such, should have an expectation of completion. There is an entire group of young people who are going to have their lives put on hold, money tied up, and employment put in jeopardy as two other groups fight it out. I’m glad I’m not a student right now…

The Oscars are on tonight, and the only interest I have in it is to see what Jon Stewart does. Then I heard there will be a 5 second delay. What’s the point of watching if they’re going to edit out the good stuff? Plus, it’s the Oscars – otherwise known as stuffy boredom – so how much leeway will they really let someone like Stewart have? If he had the freedom of speech he has on the Daily Show, then it would really be worth watching. On a different point, as usual, I haven’t seen any of the films up for consideration; and the only one I want to see is Walk the Line. When is there going to be an awards show for movies people actually go to see?

This is a great time to be a sports fan. The NHL is winding up the regular season as teams try to make the playoffs, and this Thursday is my favorite day of the NHL calendar – trade deadline day. I happen to be off work too, so I can keep the radio and TV on to catch all the rumors and happenings. Then there’s baseball spring training too – just wish I could get more spring training games on TV. There’s the online MLB.TV option, but do I really want to watch ball games at 350K streaming, one game available at a time, at a cost of 14.95US a month? I think not.

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