Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New X3 Trailer Online! And It's Great!!!

So, I set my computer to record 24 from 9-10 tonight – not for the show, but for the commercials. Thanks to the greatest thing since sliced bread, otherwise known as the internet, I knew the new X3 trailer would be debuting at 9.36pm tonight! I worked my shift, then rushed home and loaded the MPG file…slide bar forward…forward…where is it, where is it…there! Ok, ok, here we go, silence everyone…
…and finished…Wow!!!! The trailer is fantastic! Is it May 26 yet? It isn’t? Noooooooooo!!! I can’t wait that long! So I downloaded the better quality Quicktime trailer and watched it a few times...

Everything I had read about X3 had been not good up until the teaser trailer hit the net last November. With that teaser, I had hope this may not suck. It looked like they would get the look and action right, but what about the story? Then I read a quote from one of the producers that indicated they were going back to the first movie to tie it all together for the big send off of this third one. That gave me hope that maybe the writers were paying attention to the continuity of the movies and wouldn’t totally deviate from what had come before. The jury is still out on the plot, but this new full trailer has really got me excited to see this thing and how they’re going to play it all out. I know it may not make any sense based on comic cannon, but this flick is going to kick ass! I can’t wait to see it.

Thanks to screen caps from here, I put together a X3 montage of pics from the trailer…I may be a little biased on the pics I picked :-) You can get the wallpaper here. I put it together in a hurry while I was tired, so maybe I’ll try for something better later. If you’ve seen the trailer, there’s nothing here that’s spoilerish. If you haven’t, there may be one pic that is kinda, but only if you are aware of some of the script rumors :)

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