Friday, December 30, 2005

Who's Listening?

ANALYSIS: Half-baked Web sites set bad tone for films - Yahoo! News

Was reading this article about how the multitude of websites covering opinions on movies are skewering the box office results and attendance. It was interesting, but one line's grammatical error really made me laugh:

"Webmaster Matt Drudge actually tried something similar this season as "Brokeback Mountain" rode onto the scene, trying to scare the horses, if you will, with the alarmist tone of one headline that read "Hollywood Rocked: Gay Cowboy Movie Becomes an Oscar Frontrunner." In the story itself, he ratcheted up rhetoric, describing the film as "arriving with nudity and explicit gay sex scenes" as if it were just one step short of a campfire orgy. To date, though, media attempts to turn "Brokeback" into a raging controversy haven't really taken hold -- the filmmakers, a dignified bunch, never rose to the bait, and the movie has been able to speak to itself."

So, the movie is speaking to itself? As opposed to it's audience? Maybe that's the cure for Hollywood's woes - forget about trying to reach people with your movie...just impress the hell out of yourself with the effort. Maybe soon we'll have movies ending with the actors gathered around pontificating on the entertainment value of what was just shown - "Did you think it was a good movie?" "Why yes, I do. It really spoke to me."

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