Monday, February 14, 2005

So, What do we do?

Well, last night was in a funk again and decided to watch the movie Garden State. Good pick. Quirky comedy/drama with some laugh out loud moments at my kind of cynical, depressionistic speed ;-) Tells the story of Andrew, who goes home to Jersey from LA after 9 years to go to his mothers funeral. He makes a decision before leaving to stop taking the meds prescribed to him by his psychiatrist (and father). From there, he starts to try to shake the numbness he's felt for years. He happens to run into a girl (there's always a girl), Sam, who is dealing with issues herself. When they meet, the two are polar opposites, but it works. In four days back in the Garden State, he finds his whole life changing, maybe even for the better. He also starts to come to grips with the things in his past that seem to have determined his life's path. Interesting to watch the character go from complete numbness to his world around him to making changes and taking control of it choice by choice. The ending was cool too.

Some genuinely funny moments too. The water taps in the airport washroom, the seeing eye dog in the doctors waiting room, the wall of certificates in the doctors office and the up, shall we say. (That was funny.) The 'new shirt' bit was hilarious. Especially the deadpan look on his face. There are plenty more funny moments too and some great dialogue including some good one liners.

Probably not for everybody, but recommended movie if you're looking for something different. Good luck with the infinite abyss...

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