Monday, November 26, 2007

Amazon Wins Again...

Was out for a bit tonight and in at Chapters for what turned into a couple hours, but only walked out with 2 things. There were other books I would have bought right then and there, but it's hard to put money down when you know in the back of your ming "I can probably get that cheaper at Amazon."

So I came home and checked, and yes, it's cheaper. By something like half! It ain't right, but my business goes to Amazon at those kinds of prices. The books in question were Dean Koontz's "The Good Guy" and Warren Ellis' "The Crooked Vein." The other one was Stephen Hunter's "The 47th Samurai", but I decided to wait on that one. The price was way better at Amazon, but the reviews were kinda bad. I did order the other two though, cause they were really interesting of what I read in the store.

Then of course, because its Amazon, there's always big sales going so I found other titles too and got a nice little order in. A bunch of Garth Ennis TPB's that I can't wait to read, some DVD's, and maybe some Christmas shopping done too :)

I'd like to give ya the business there Chapters, but can't beat Amazon. Speaking of which there was another guy in the Graphic Novel section looking for the Frank Miller Sin City books. He found 5,6,7, but was reluctant to buy them because he wanted to read them from the beginning. I told him they were great books and Amazon has them, which he was happy to hear. Sorry about that Chapters, but maybe try stocking the series next time and you'd have had a sale.

Oh, and by the way, as of this posting still has their massive 'Black Friday' sale going on a lot of stuff, including some ridiculous low prices on DVD's. Check it out.

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Anonymous Marina said ... (November 26, 2007 3:26 PM) : 

Thanks for the heads up on the "Black Friday" Amazon sale. For whatever reason, I rarely order stuff from amazon though I'll admit that I've been disappointed that chapters hasn't lowered the price of their books thanks to the strong CND doller. Pisses me off a little.

I'll have to check out the sale though!

BTW - MAM is suffering some serious etchnical issues that are being worked through at the moment. Until I can post the big announcement, I'll let you know what we're closing MAM and have joined forces with a few like-minded folks at a new website. We went live today so head on over for the same great news and TONS of extras.


Blogger Eaglewing said ... (November 26, 2007 5:30 PM) : 

thanks for the info. Good luck on new website - took a quick look, looks great! I'll check it out a bit more later, and I'll update my bookmarks. Hope you can get the MAM tech issues sorted out too.


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