Friday, September 07, 2007

Good, Bad, and Ugly...

Well, this sucks. First a bump up in hours - which is good - then I of course get sick four days before my quarterly kidney checkup - which is bad - then 2 movies I have been anxiously waiting to see open on the same weekend and I can't go see them - which is ugly.

On the up side, I took one day off from work and managed to get sick, get a wicked sore throat, get worse, get a fever, sleep all day, break the fever, get some more sleep, and get back to work for a half shift all inside 24 hours. Weird. But at least I'm getting better - I think.

So I can't go to the theatre this weekend, gotta rest for the checkup on Monday, then with my night shifts I can't go for the rest of the week. Besides, I could catch a flu bug or something in a crowded theatre anyway - oh wait, got that covered already. I guess it'll be another week before I can catch 3:10 To Yuma and Shoot 'Em Up. After a dismal summer of movies, I was looking forward to these two. Of course they'd both come out on the same weekend that I can't go.

So, instead, I'll keep working through my sizable (with lots of unseen) DVD collection. Tonight I watched The Driver. Cool movie - a couple good car chases the way they should be done - no CGI. Cool characters, minimal dialogue, and good driving. Worth checking out.

And now back to bed to power rest before the next shift...

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Anonymous Marina said ... (September 07, 2007 4:02 AM) : 

Oh man! I'm sorry to hear you caught the bug! Isn't that the way things always work out though?


Blogger Eaglewing said ... (September 07, 2007 11:47 PM) : 

thanks. yeah, that's the way the cookie crumbles, I guess. oh well, more time for dvd :)


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