Monday, August 20, 2007

Say No To DVD Format War...

Word has it that Paramount and Dreamworks have now gone HD-DVD only in the current format war. I believe they had been supporting both, but now having done "market research", they decided that HD-DVD is the way to go, and have given Blu-Ray the boot. This means that movies like Transformers and Shrek 3 will only be available on HD-DVD in the hi def war. (Regular DVD will be there, of course, and it is certainly good enough.)

The kicker is that rumor around the web is that Microsoft paid them a total of 150 million to get them to do this. How's that for market research. This comes on the heels of places like Target and Blockbuster saying they will only stock Blu-Ray. And so the war rages on, and the smart consumer says "So What?"

Save your money, hope both these flop, and stick with good ol' regular DVD. And whether you go Mac or Linux with Open Office, run - run! - away from Micro$oft...

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