Friday, May 27, 2005

Fla. Gun Law to Expand Leeway for Self-Defense

Washington Post

So, are YOU packin' heat yet, Mickey Mouse? I guess now you'll have to carry a gun if you want to survive the mean streets of Floridian retirement communities. This is the loosest gun law I've seen - it's pretty much like the wild west. With this law, Floridians no longer have to try to walk away or prove that they couldn't...they can just open fire. In some ways, I like that there is more power given to potential victims, but this seems a little wide open. Around here, it's next to impossible to protect yourself, others, or your home without getting in trouble with the law. If someone breaks into your home, slips on the freshly waxed floor, and cracks his head open...the robber could probably sue the home owner, that's how crazy it is. So, definately, things need to get more in favor of the victims instead of the lawbreakers, but giving everyone access to a gun and free wheelin' rights to use as they see fit seems a bit much...

Either way, keep your head down in Florida...those trips to Disneyland just got a lot more dangerous...

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