Monday, May 09, 2005

When'd that happen?

So, hands raised if you saw this coming - Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger have reportedly gotten married on a beach in the Virgin Islands where Chesney has a home...I guess she thought his tractor was sexy...

They sure kept a tight lid on this one. I would imagine that if you're in showbiz, it's the way to do it. I mean, just look at the debacle that Bennifer became...speaking of which, Bennifer 2 or Garfleck, is making the waves in the gossip columns. Reportedly, Jennifer Garner is pregnant and Ben Affleck has recently popped the question. So the Daredevil / Elektra connection lives on. Hmm, from one Jennifer to another I guess...

Oh well, slow news day...who cares about this stuff anyway?

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Blogger The Original LRU said ... (May 10, 2005 2:25 AM) : 

Nooooo... Renee, you could have done so much better! hahaha

Oh well, I hope they have a happy life together. It was a surprise, so I figured I'd cruise the entertainment news headlines on Google news and see what else I could dig up.

Well, apparently it is important that we knew that she was married in a dress by Carolina Herrera. It was so important that it was in every article I read. But less known, is that the groom was barefoot! :-)

Well, if that wasn't shocking enough, I kept reading, and not only is Britney Spears married (did I know this and just mercifully forgot?), but she's pregnant! (Where have I been?) She's "eating lots and lots"; and their engagement, wedding, and life are to be part of a new reality show.

And over in another crazy corner of Hollywood, Natalie Portman (sure to excite slashdot readers everywhere) has sacrified her hair for the guys who made the fiasco, er, I mean Matrix trilogy. Oh the humanity!

And last but not least, there's a new fashion statement on the red carpet... just in time for Britney and Jennifer Garner.

Renee and Kenny now look positively conservative, intelligent, and down to earth. I wish them both the best. :-)


Blogger Eaglewing said ... (May 10, 2005 2:17 PM) : 

Ok, the 'fashion statement' is just way too much...why not just run down the red carpet buck naked? As for Portman - holy crap! Who'd do that? You'd think with today's CGI, they could have faked that...oh, and Spears impending motherhood? Imagine the life of that kid...
Yeah, Kenny and Renee seem positively old school...

After all that Hollywood gossip, I think I need a shower Ace Ventura style...


Blogger The Original LRU said ... (May 11, 2005 4:17 AM) : 

Ace Ventura style? You'll have to refresh my memory on that one. :-)


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