Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Play Ball!

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So, baseball season has started again. Yay! And the Blue Jays won their first game! I'll enjoy it while it lasts. Being in the same division as filthy rich New York and Boston doesn't bode well. Especially when your GM spends 18 million on a two year contract for Frank Thomas. Pitching? Who needs pitching? Halladay is enough, right?

While I'm a die hard hockey loving Canadian, there's just something I really enjoy about watching ballgames. It's a great game, filled with tradition, and classic personalities. Of course, I'm ignoring the insane salaries, the do little right Commish, and the Barry Bonds mess. (No way should he be passing Aaron's record. It just isn't right.)

I was a fan when I was younger (and the Jays won back to back World Series - still remember watching the TV when Joe Carter hit that home run), but then I soured on it with that strike that cancelled a season and basically finished off the Montreal Expos. Then I came back to the game when I got my own place and found myself watching games on the weekends. Then through the dialysis years, when I just didn't have energy for anything, I found it really relaxing to watch ballgames and to follow it, pitch by pitch. That's when I became something of a Mets fan in that I just liked watching their games. They had the best announcers too. Funny, lively, and informative. Even when the Mets stunk, which was still fun to watch.

Anyway, another fun season ahead of possibilites, of hopefully another year the Yankess don't win the Series, of boring Jays announcers, and ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Batter up!

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