Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bryan Singer Interview - Bryan Singer on Superman Returns

Really good interview here with Bryan Singer - director of the upcoming Superman Returns. Has some interesting notes about making the movie and the process of it. Also interesting is that he says he went to see X3 on opening night and ran into Brett Ratner. I wish he would have said more about his opinion of X3...

Also, here's a good quote from Singer about director's cuts on DVD:
Q: Are you going to do an extended cut?
Singer: No, I don't think I'll do an extended cut. Not at least in the DVD. I've never done that. Those are kind of weird you know. The director's cut. No this is the director's cut. You just saw it. They don't tell me what to cut. I'm not in a place in my career that anyone tells me that I have to cut anything or put anything in.

...We'll have to see if this actually holds true, because this sounds like an epic length movie with the theatrical cut, and there was a 2 hour 45 minute version before he cut it down. We also know how much studios like to triple dip on the DVD's and screw their customers over. Ironically, Singer stated how he doesn't like special edition DVD's on the opening of the special edition X-Men 1.5 DVD where he says he hopes you only got one copy and have all your friends gathered around to watch it. I'm betting that DVD release was Fox's doing - especially considering that lame, much derided DVD title...

I'm still going back and forth on my interest in this movie. The action sequences in the trailer look awesome, and I want to see Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. However, I'm not as interested in seeing the 'Superman as a Jesus-figure' angle they seem to be going at. The other night on Jay Leno, Ebert's review partner Roeper was on and mentioned he had seen the film, and it was good, and that the comic fans would love it. However, he also mentioned the major religious and Jesus-like overtones to the movie. I was surprised he made a point of pointing that out - that means I'm not the only one seeing that in the trailers...

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